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Thor: Ragnarok Reveals Valkyrie’s Look And A Major New Character

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Reveals Valkyrie’s Look And A Major New Character On the last day of shooting Thor: Ragnarok, the whole cast and crew got together for a Facebook Live session. It’s the goofy fun we’ve come to expect from the team, which doesn’t take itself remotely seriously, but the fifteen-minute video leaks two pretty interesting tidbits. This is our first sense of what Valkyrie will look like and, unsurprisingly, they’ve ditched the Wagnerian look for something a little more Asgardian. Just as interesting is the setting: The giant piles of trash are because the final scenes filmed take place...

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Earth’s Mightiest: The 15 Strongest Avengers Ever

Earth’s Mightiest: The 15 Strongest Avengers Ever Since Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s first issue of “The Avengers” in 1963, Marvel’s flagship super team has counted what sometimes feels like every Marvel hero ever among its ranks. That’s probably because, unlike Marvel’s other premier team, the X-Men, you don’t have to be a mutant, so the only barrier to entry is being invited. So, with an array of members that includes highly skilled but physically average humans, mutants who have even led the X-Men and literal gods, there’s one pretty big question that’s yet to be settled: Just who is the...

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The real reason Marvel won’t give Hulk a movie

The Hulk is one of Marvel’s most enduringly popular characters, so it’s no surprise the company turned to the big green guy when it came time to try and start launching the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the early aughts. Neither Ang Lee’s 2003 Hulk nor Louis Leterrier’s 2008 Incredible Hulk reboot performed to expectations, but the character remains on the MCU canvas, so why haven’t we gotten a new Hulk movie—especially considering the character has easily proven to be one of the most popular members of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes when it comes to team-up time in the Avengers films?...

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Ms. Marvel urges Americans to vote

Looks like everyone wants folks to get out and vote, even superheroes. Ms. Marvel, otherwise known as Kamala Khan, is urging voters to tap into their own superpowers this election season to get to the polls and vote. Marvel Comics issued a first look at the upcoming release of “Ms. Marvel” No. 13, which focuses on the teenager’s attempt to get out the vote in her Jersey City neighborhood. Khan made her debut in the Marvel world in “Captain Marvel” No. 14, released in August 2013, before Marvel announced in November of that year that the character would be...

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6 Things That Don’t Make Sense in the Marvel Universe

Though the primary conflict in Captain America: Civil War is between Captain America and Iron Man, the film spends a lot of time on Daniel Brühl’s Zemo, a mysterious villain whose plan pits the two ideologically-opposed heroes against each other. But his is a plan similar to many other movie villain’s (cough*Lex Luthor*cough), in that it makes no damn sense. He bombs a building dressed as Bucky Barnes in the hope that Captain America will take the side of his old friend and Tony Stark the side of the government pursuing him — a strange leap in logic that...

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